We are the Pink Pirates of Navarre.

This group was established in 2013 to help promote the importance of regular mammograms.  This test is very important in the battle against breast cancer.  Our group came about from a promise made to a dear friend, Jan Stephens Harris who has been battling cancer for two years.  She had a vision of decorating Navarre Park Pink to make people start thinking about breast cancer and all those impacted by it.  In August of 2013 she asked for help to make her dream a reality.  This small, but mighty idea quickly grew into a major fundraising event to played out in the following way.  First, we decorated out town park pink the entire month of October and hosted a day long festival in our town center, all done through donations.  As this movement grew, we realized we needed to recruit others to help us make this happen.  Pink Pirates was formed in order to fulfill Jan’s dream!  Many of the current members and volunteers have also battled breast cancer and all of us are passionate about this mission.

We are still decorating the park each October, we still host our major fundraiser including a 5K race, Fireman’s challenge endurance event and participate in other events like the Christmas Parade, Mardi Gras Parade. We’ve added a GALA in 2020.  Through these events we can keep the community thinking about the impact breast cancer has on lives.

We could not do what we do without the help and support f the community and the many volunteers that give so tirelessly.  They are the real heart of this mission’s success.

We know there are many that have dealt with this horrible disease and may feel isolated or alone; that is why we created the Facebook page Pink Pirates of Navarre, We wanted to give you all a place to come together, so you can help support each other and share your experience with others.  Many women and men are in that same place you are in and need a friend that knows what it is like to look in the mirror and see scars where once your breast were, to deal with the fear of them finding a lump on your next scan, or to deal with the pain of the associated problems that come after breast cancer.

At times, I am sure many of you wanted to give up, but you kept the Faith, continued to have Hope and never quit Fighting,  God has a purpose for you and perhaps it will come clear to you through your contacts in this group what that purpose is.  The best part is, you can find friends here and no longer feel alone. Our primary focus is on survivors, the ones currently fighting this battle and those that lost their fight.  We are here as a group of friends to offer our support to you.  It is very important to NEVER, ever give up hope!

Through our fundraising each year, we raise thousands of dollars and donated to area hospitals for funding free mammograms for those that cannot afford this vital test.  Early detection is the key to survival.